Thursday, September 04, 2008


Benoit Pioulard - Ahn

Benoit Pioulard - The Loom Pedal

I'm super glad this album is coming out in Autumn because Benoit Pioulard's lens-flared ballads with their blurs and floating leaves and their changes are surely absolutely suited to the temperament of the season. Sorry sorry it's generally a drag to get all seasonal on music but this stuff is surely filled with that exact same low light that inhabits Autumn afternoons and the same sort of hue that comes with it. Well, it is getting like that over here in England at least, which means in the US (where Pioulard is actually from) it is probably even more so. But for all the sepia tinted stuff out there with the crackles and the faded washes backing it up, Pioulard gets a perfect balance between that sentiment and gritty and historical sounding textures that back his epiphanies up with permanent Super 8 flicker that's so far gone you can barely make out the nostalgia.

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PS: I'm heading down to the Isle of Wight to review and take photos and have fun at Bestival. I will be covered in mud when I come back and also moving into a new house so there may not be too much new music posted, but hopefully some forced and fake nostalgias of the festival as captured by some very expired film in a Holga camera.

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