Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So maybe it comes across a little bit Songs Of Praise at first but this is actually top-notch gay baritone bitterness rock, which is, as of now, a two-band genre consisting of the Magnetic Fields and Oliver Mann. Not that I have any idea whether Oliver Mann is gay; Stephin Merritt’s just left a pretty heavy stamp on the genre. On this song, Mann sings “The day still breaks/I hope you don’t return”, which is awesome but kind of in a useless way because it’s way too emotive and thoughtful to ever put on a break-up mixtape.

Three notable influences on The Possum Wakes At Night: Oliver Mann’s bro, Paddy Mann from Grand Salvo; Kes, who plays guitar on Sun Shines On; and Opera Australia, in whose employ Oliver Mann doth also perform. Eth.

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Anonymous said...

Weird Richard! Oliver is barnstormingly heterosexual . . . not that there's anything wrong with that.

richard said...

max wrote this!