Thursday, November 20, 2008


Raccoo-oo-oon - Untitled IV

Last ditch for Raccoo-oo-oon and it's all bummer rock and semi-catastrophe, shooting weird torch swords of fog through their weird idiosyncractic primitivist futurism. Some of these untitled tracks get pretty flippin' dark but elsewhere it's muffled technicolour, letting loose in rather gnarly fashion in several places, chugging wild guitars over phantom eulogies, matching organs with rubble guitars and distant analog drum machines against plastic jewel percussion. Pretty immense, this swan song.

[Raccoo-oo-oon/Night People Website]

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Anonymous said...

gee more bullshit from these guys-which garbage can should i throw my money in-this one, or that one-yay...that was fun

Anonymous said...

nah. the new album is pretty good.

Super Awesome Guy said...

THANK YOU! I dig the darkness.