Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey guys here are some real oblique and non figurative photos of High Places live in Newcastle Upon Tyne at the Head of Steam. It was an amazing show, even though their equipment suddenly cut out (thanks to a faulty US to UK power converter) just as the chorus of their second song dropped. BUMMER. Luckily us Northerners are so down to earth/friendly/enthusiastic cos we hummed along all the basslines for them.

(Photos by me and Ben Jeans Houghton)


Darren @ Distraction said...

Cool photos squire, glad you enjoyed it! I've put a link to yer photos on the front page at , take it easy. . . d.x

richard said...

hehe, they're pretty abstract! accidentally. i like them though, nice colours. ben actually took most of them, i forget who took which! thanks for putting it on btw, i liked yr public speaking!