Saturday, November 08, 2008


Aaron Thomas - Descending
[mp3 removed at label request]

Fuck, I SERIOUSLY cannot retype the first line of this post any more times because I am starting to feel like those metaphorical monkeys which are sitting in a room metaphorically typing out Shakespeare for millions of years. It’s not a good vibe, folks. Basically my point is that it’s real important for mp3 blogs to not be an online database for matching up press releases with songs, and I was a little downhearted about posting something mediocre for you. Then I heard this album by Aaron Thomas, and it's super-sweet, so I’m fairly stoked.

Aaron Thomas is originally from Tasmania and was taught how to play music by some old pop singer called Lonnie Lee who also doubled as his dad. He moved to the Ukraine, then Santa Monica and now he lives in Madrid where he just recorded this exceptional little album with a bunch of Spanish musicians who I’ve never heard of. Apparently, people in Spain and Portugal think he’s top notch, and those are fashionable places to live and watch television so I’ll take their word for it that he delivers live as well.

WHAT I LIKE: The samba rhythms; the harmonies; the bit with the trumpet; how it’s way better than FUCKING Tame Impala.

WHAT I DISLIKE: The fact that he moved to Santa Monica to be a singer-songwriter nets him 35 extra douchebag points.

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