Sunday, November 09, 2008


Nodzzz - In The City (Contract High)

Nodzzz - City Has No Eyes

What's Noddzz sitch?? Do they have big brown moppy haircuts and sleepy eyes, do they live in apartments that are just too small enough and then play shows and go to the houses of people they've just met that night and drink vodka and say things with some weird confident unease that actually really is unease, leading them to often get a bit too drunk and turn up at parties of people they don't even know but fit right in, look at themselves in the dirty mirror in the bathroom, stay the night, wake up feeling shitty but golden in the morning, walking back home smiling ludicrously, shuffling, looking glossy and dusty?

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max said...

i seriously have no idea what you're talking about sometimes.

richard said...

its just a little ditty!

Gareth said...

Rich, yr writing is amazing sometimes! Like now!