Monday, November 10, 2008


Seems like Ivan from Belles Will Ring took issue with my earlier post about them. Sorry, bro. Here’s the CliffsNotes: it starts with an arguably funny riff on songs that are about other songs; then I mention that A Thousand Odes To You is good and sounds kinda Belles Will Ring-ish; and the post finishes up by pointing out that the actual content of the song is somewhat less LOL than what I’d imagined. There is also a reference to Coca-Cola. Sweet, sweet Coca-Cola.

To put things in a more easily recognisable format: good, The Byrds, like, shimmery, pretty, , psychedelic, thumbs up.

One other thing: for those who are wondering what the blogging process is like here at rose quartz, I’m not actually “someone who posts blogs without even doing a grammar check” (although I can’t speak for Richard – that guy is OUT OF CONTROL.) In fact, grammar is third on my pre-posting checklist, right behind “Did I spell things good?” and “How can I incorporate my favourite soft drink into this post?”, but ahead of “Will it blend?”

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