Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Kemialliset Ystavat - Taivaassa on Loivemmat Maet

Sliding up hills, past gum trees, going into swimming pools, superbly blue in the sun and bunched up with leaves, feet pad the new and thick carpet of mansions, inside, against that toweled afternoon. You looked outside the upstairs window and wondered why the concrete looked so glossy and how James got so tanned so quick and there I was, telling Sam how I thought I had dreamed about John McCain but it was actually a small, slightly shrivelled Arthur Russell awkwardly meeting my advancements in conversation.

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andrew g said...

ooh i didn't know about this

have you heard the tour CD-R? harmaa laguuni i think it's called. i think i might like it better than the last album actually. i thought i preferred the olderweird dusky psychedelic things better, but this one takes their new digital clean keyboard-y sound but makes it just as fluorescent and odd as before.

richard said...

yeah, harmaa laguuni is a proper album though isn't it? either way, that's my fav too. i hadn't heard any of the previous stuff but i really dig this new technicolour direction with all the samples. really strange.

not sure if you've heard hevoset, another project of jan anderzen and someone else...its amazing and sludgy but super colourful as well

andrew said...

harmaa laguuni was a CD-R you could only buy on their last tour or leftovers from jan anderzen if you emailed him. it is sort of an album, but the whole tour CD-R thing makes it seem less official than the fonal stuff for instance. he has so much stuff on all manner of formats though, so it's kind of a moot point.

most of the stuff up until the last untitled album on fonal was kind of dusty and hissy and more acoustic. and then that one came out and it was way clearer with 1000 more clear layers to it. if you look on youtube sami (the guy who runs fonal and also plays in KY a lot) has a video of recent session - 10 people all on various gadgets recording on a computer. whereas the earlier stuff has ensemble players on it, but is much more intimate and... homemade.

the colourfulness thing is what i love though. bright and psychedelic - but in this weird muted art nouveau, hokusai-y way. i'm sure you know what i'm trying to get at!

hevoset? i haven't heard of it, but i'll check it out. i'm a pretty big fan of anything he's involved with really.

richard said...

ah okay. yeah i was looking in the KY/fonal section at a good record store here and it was flippin massive. all with those amazing geometric colour drawings too. i saw them collaborating with axolotl a couple of months back at this show with islaja, es, blevin blectum was pretty amazing though KYs set was more sort and guitary than i'd have expected.

yeah hevoset is badass. have you heard tomontonttu?

andrew said...

yeah his art is what drew me to his stuff in a way... his site has new images all the time that i love.

generally i think kemialliset ystavat is more band-y live. for the records it's more like he improvises with the band then edits everything up and fucks around with stuff. whereas live it seems more like they do longer jams (usually all the album stuff isn't any longer than 4 or 5 minutes).

tomutonttu - i'm not so into that stuff. it's OK, but not as good as KY, more sampley and less psychedelic for me. i think he must have the same sampler as me to cause i can always here certain effects and things which kind of ruins the effect.

i actually saw a review of that hervoset album in a magazine last night... so it's him and uton! who i think plays in KY sometimes too... huge incestuous finnish family that it is.