Monday, December 29, 2008


Here We Go Magic - I Just Want To See You Underwater

Aww, I was totez gonna post this yesterday but I just checked Gorilla vs Bear and they beat me to it. DANG. Not that it's a race or anything it's just the main agenda of this bloggg is to post songs that aren't really up elsewhere, not obscurity for obscurity's sake but just because there is SOOOO MUCH amazing music coming out and it seems a shame not to seek it all out. Anyway, I've been listening to this record loads in the last couple of weeks after some nerd on some forum said it sounded like 'Deerhunter/Animal Collectivey' or something. He's pretty right; 'Tunnelvision' is pretty Deerhuntery/Autumny/leaves at night ochery (like Jimmy Reardon but a little wistful maybe) but this track that is about seeing someone underwater (probably a girl with hair flowing upwards and everywhere) sounds totally underwater, shot through a disposable camera or maybe a Holga in a plastic ziplock bag only mostly stops the water from coming in. Good rhythms, though, lotsa melodies, 'what's the use in dying if I don't know when', fragments fragments.

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