Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The Caretaker - Persistent Repetition of Phrases

THIS SONG TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME. The school caretaker's name was Mr Coal (funny eh?) and we all thought he lived in the boiler room with it's big pit of coal and its sliding silver door. Once I dropped a conker off the wooden bridge I walked over every day to get to school and he and his black friendly dog went underneath and the conker hit his dog. Mr Coal said "HEY!" and then turned and kept running along side his dog along the thin dusty trail between the grass under those willow trees and under the grey sky of that day. I felt terrible, for a while. Come to think about it, though, his name was probably spelt 'Cole', but that doesn't change the resplendent feeling that came over him when he got my tennis ball from the guttering of the covered ways.

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andrew said...
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andrew said...


i actually know the guy who runs install AND i've got most of the caretaker records AND obviously i know who mr cole is AND i found out a woman i work with is married to mr cole's replacement.

and yeah, it's spelled 'cole', unfortunately.

Shaun Prescott said...

Oh yeah! Lacunar Amnesia is my favourite track. So great.

richard said...

andrew, i was hoping you'd read this post! didnt expect that coincidence. i was also thinking about when my brother and maybe yrs were playing biker mice from mars on the field at beckenham school, near those birch trees at the back of the field, near that slopy gravel path thing. vivid shit yo

also word shaun! good fiction btw!!!!!!!!

andrew said...

heh i think i could pretty much recall something specific happening at every single point in that park.

i pass by all the time, but i hadn't been in the school area for 8 or 9 years probably until recently. non-stop-nostalgia-fest.

somewhat appropriate to have the caretaker 'soundtracking' this post. except we didn't go to school at the end of a pier in the 20s.

richard said...

yeah it was weird how kind of sparkly and nice it sounded the first few times i listened to it but it's actually a pretty murky sort of old timelieness eh