Thursday, January 01, 2009


MP3: Ghoul - Fuck Math

If you've been hankering for an old-fashioned symphonic crescendo of abstract pain ever since Liars went pop, chances are you'll be pretty into Ghoul. This is creaking, claustrophobic doom at its very finest, which obviously rules. Here's the scoop: despite the epic heart-and-minds campaign electro has waged on Sydney, as a city it's way less glamourous than that, and if you drive 10 minutes any direction from Darlinghurst you'll find probably the best DIY punk scene in the southern hemisphere. "Fuck Math" is fairly similar in execution to Liars' "It Fit When I Was A Kid", but at other times on their debut A Mouthful Of Gold they sound closer to the weirder moments of Radiohead's Kid A, or closer to home, their pals Seekae.

Of course, the thing that makes Liars and Radiohead winners is the fact that they have mad hooks as well as outlandish sounds, and that's also what puts Ghoul ahead of the no-wave rat race. I'm not going to name any names, because there's some very nice people in the Sydney no-wave community, but I like a band that's not a chore to listen to, you know? You can download basically everything Ghoul have ever recorded from their MySpace, which is nice and credit-crunch-friendly of them.


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