Friday, January 02, 2009


Abe Vigoda - House

GOOD GRIEF, whod've thought Abe Vigoda could get even sicker? They've fleshed out those guavas and even kind of slowed it down a little, or closed their eyes to a more normal level, instead of with their eyelids peeled back, bloodshot. In an interview I did with Juan Velaquez (their guitarist) a couple of months ago he said they were working on longer songs and were trying out new things. They almost sound like a different band on 'Wild Heart' (it's more than five minutes long!) all pulsating bass and weirdly different sentiment. It's certain that they're at their best when most frenetic, though, such as they are here on 'House', with it's permanent high wire tension guitars at the back, building up, giving way to those total wide-eyed melted melodies that run real free after the exposition. Pretty exciting! 2009 is so my jam, ecstatic already.

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karpe said...

You've just made my day.

thank you thank you thank you.

(also, abe vigoda's vocalist works out so much better in this newfound lower register. surprising step up!)

richard said...

no problemo, thanks for that email btw! i will reply to that asapppppp. and yes, totally true about that lower voice