Friday, December 19, 2008


In no particular order, here are my favourite tune from this year that haven't already been posted on Rose Quartz. This was sort of hard to collate for me because pretty much all my very fav jams were posted here but at the same time pretty easy considering how many amazing songs have come out this year. It's been a little relentless, don't you think?

from Wavves

Not sure why I've been so obsessed with America and beaches and skateboards this year but Wavves aka Nathan Williams doesn't do much to help; pop/punk lo-fi with a sunny disposition, cutting between super wild and total melody.

from Split Cassette with Pens and Male Bonding

Shlocked out b-movie zombie walking no-wave from London all deadpan and hilarious, wearing serial-killer jumpers (aka aunty knits) and glasses and looking straight into yr eyes and managing not to laugh.

from upcoming full length

From London via San Francisco comes this cardboard mountain glance towards the sky, really bright and rough but absolutely concerned with a new type of beauty. It's that small bedroom kind of grandeur that does sparkle a lot.

from Blood Pressure Sessions

NOTV enter some weird spaces with their spooked out no-fi, reaching back through jewelry box pasts via tribalisms and guitar screams. This is a particularly banging number from a terrifically tense record.

from Alight of Night

Luv when bands name their songs after themselves. I got real obsessed with reading Dusted Magazine's oddly harsh and maybe reactionary(?) slatings of these guys who would get by on aesthetics alone if it weren't for all the killer guitar lines. Okay, so maybe we've heard some of those notes before and maybe we've not been able to hear the words in similar ways but it just seems infinitely listenable to me.

from Eleventh Hour

The best sort of hip-hop, light and fun and colourful but packed with bass and amazing flow. Love that chimey percussion backing it all up and I'm generally a sucker for those squelchy sounds.

from Dance Mother

Telepathe flip dance music's usual confronting sexuality over with a distinctive sort of sensuality, narcotic and nocturnal, folding M83 and Glass Candy style late night vibes with smoke and headlights. It's real pure; white clothes, headbands.

From Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel

Positively dripping with this insular and grittily damaged emotion, bright enough to carry that through with this skewed everydayness. Just really lush with those shoegazey guitars and shuffley percussion.


Gareth said...

You posted Ativan in December of 07! I know this because I downloaded it fom here. Does it not count if it was last year?

richard said...

damn busted! i forgot about that, but let's go with that rule; it doesn't count cos it was last year. or just the fact that i've probably listened to that song one thousand times...

Gareth said...

It is pretty amazing

Anonymous said...

You can pre-order the album here on CD or LP! It’s out April 14th