Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Hunches - Ate My Teeth

Last ever record from this Portland garage band and it's this ridiculous sort of incessant garage fury but also super beautiful and ballady in parts. Quieter experimentation drifts across those mutated Stooges songs, full of scraping textures and tectonic melodies underneath. Honestly, on "Pinwheel Spins" it sounds like they actually went down underground to the sewers or some cave to make (the space is that concrete and echoey). Not that it sounds subterranean or anything, it's just this experimentalism edges their rock way past just punk normalism or lo-fi aestheticism. It's often melodic and not always linear. Much like The Hospitals, they prove it's still pretty crazy how many directions you can take a song.

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Carlos said...

This is real good, huh. I think you've nailed it with this blurrrb.