Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wavves - Get In The Sun

That's not meant to be a pun on new/no/whatever waves, it's just that the new Wavves LP is out on De Stijl and you should check it because a) it's fucking rad and b) it might be easy to miss amidst his several sudden cassette and LP releases, the quantity of which Nathan Williams (the San Diegan behind this stuff) said in an interview I did with him for +1 Magazine that he thought he may have 'bitten off more than he could chew' but then realised he actually had about a billion ideas for new jams. The title of this one is Wavvves (yes with three Vs) and like the previous Wavves it cuts time between the sunny punk and the hash cookie noise. That lengthy interview will also soon be a feature in the next Cyclic Defrost magazine.

[Wavves MySpace]

[Buy Wavvves from De Stijl]

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