Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Night Control - -*-*-*-

Night Control - Star 129

Further on the forgetting of the song, the new Night Control record hits at the perfect time for me, because seriously, while it's terrific getting lost in James Ferraro's weirdo crystalline tape mystiques or whatever scuzz from NNF's amazing catalogue, grasping the song back through that amassed/amazing sonic junk is near on impossible, so, Night Control, playing genuinely solid hits and letting the AM and FM waves superimpose the verse chorus verses every now and again and sometimes letting the drum track play twice, a second apart, like you left their own MySpace window open in the background, or just wailing like some Malkmus/Van Halen not-so-robotic hybrid riffage after some GBV nonsquall, it's pretty ace. Pop songs to feel like you've heard it for the first time to, yeah. This is one fucking immense set of 17 long distance calls, only answered some of the time, Dr Manhattan style.

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[Buy Death Control from Kill Shaman]

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