Monday, May 11, 2009


There's a realness to Playboy Tre's style that I find so appealing. On his Liquor Store Mascot mixtape, gritty stories and images of his surroundings permeate the music giving it that down-south authenticity which brings to mind the likes of Killer Mike and David Banner. Though where some of his contemporaries can get a little bit overboard every now and again with conveying their displeasure, Tre is able to pull back and instead reflect and use humility to convey aspects of his life to the listener. He wants you to connect with him. He's honest to a fault and when he raps about alcoholism, the chance that he may have not made it past his teens and even his girl's abortion, I'm left feeling for him more than I think I should, even pulling for him the way I do for the good guys in the movies. Though for the most part the ambition in his words and his hopeful demeanor are enough to make me wanna have a drink with the guy, content knowing rappers like him exist, bringing us another side of the coin.

[Playboy Tre MySpace]


Kathy Etollie said...

Playboy Tre' is needed. He will soon be your favorite rappers favorite rapper.
All I have heard is greatness from this guy and I expect no less.

THE FABIAN said...

this is what everybody needs in their life..."living in the bottle" is playing as i write this