Thursday, June 25, 2009


I really want to go to Wales but not just because they have weird words and names and not just from seeing the excellent Sleep Furiously type of scenery, all rolling hills and valleys and little stone walls and total quiet granduer but mostly because of Green Man Festival and seeing the likes of Animal Collective, Dent May, Wooden Shjips, Beach House, Gang Gang Dance, The Strange Boys in said slopey gradients of organicness/down to earthness/"just wanna have a chill time".

View the full line-up HERE, but another really cool thing happening in the lead-up to the festival is Green Poll, where you can vote for yr favvy band or yr own band to play the main stage. First round of votes closes on the 28th, round two on July 12 and then the GRAND FINAL w/ show in London on July 23.

[Green Man Festival]

[Green Poll]


vrbm said...

Adam Lewis is going to this festival. you should get in touch with Adam and you could stay with him at the festival!

richard said...

wow really!! will do! HEY ADAM LEWIS