Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Diet Cola - Sick Modern

Diet Cola - Anything Poisonous

YIKES, I know it's obvious how different Deerhunter's Joshua Fauver "not solo" fuzz is from the band stuff but this is pretty exhilirating and sometimes sort of terrifying, overdriven horror riffs and sped up Lost Highway-style dark weirdness. I think I prefer the more "chilled" jam from this four song EP, "Sick Modern" (though it still smacks of garbage with all that thrashed out colour) but the other nasty and skittering riffs are crazy-eyed and acidy, terrified skateboarders w/ brash boomboxes stuck on full volume.

[Diet Cola MySpace]


JeffGoldblumLife said...

yall know ya can get the whole ep here right?

shea said...

oh cool, i didn;t, thanks for the headsup!

richard said...

oh wild!!!!! thanks yeah they've always got the good at pukekos