Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tonstartssbandht - Sarajevo Predub

Tonstartssbandht - Maihama

Tonstartssbandht - Datop Feb

New drop from our fav gleemongers Tonstartssbandht and these jams are particularly dope; "Sarajevo Predub" has been around their MySpace for a while but now has added sub bass and louder drumsszz (total blam behind the mirror-y vocal chants) but "Maihama" is the main track from an upcoming cassette, totally improvised w/ no overdubs or any frillz about from the crazed anodyne repetitions and increasing densities and loops that are only semi-restrained. "Datop Feb" is a demo form the same cassette and rides a more ephemeral buzz, but whichever direction they point these late-night pedal experiments they're always coated in a real weird youthful excitement and mutant inverse VHS fuzz that works just as well in pop as in lengthier free noise jaunts.

[Tonstartssbandht MySpace]


BOA said...

sweet post. played a show with these guys a while back and they are possibly some of the nicest guys ever.

richard said...

rad!!! yes, by the sounds of the music the nice guy seems right on. also FYI the "water buffalo" cassette is awesomeness