Friday, October 09, 2009


From The Ground is a record of unsullied beauty, pure longing, absolute pastoral loveliness and unadulterated vibes of sheer wistfulness. You may know Heather Woods Broderick's voice from her other band, Horse Feathers, the outfit of Kill Rock Stars-signed prettymongers that also features her brother, Peter Broderick, but on this set of arresting, ethereal folk gems, her voice shines through clearly. And it's quite a voice. It's timeless and distinctive and entirely unstudied: at times strident; at others, soothing. Boomkat nailed it: "Through these pieces she sounds like a missing link between Cat Power and Hope Sandoval". The difference is the world Heather Woods Broderick has created on From The Ground, through atmospherics and subtle ambient touches. It's a record for the twilight: inviting, comfortably weary, absurdly easy to inhabit.

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