Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The total obsession with African soundz that's been making indie rock all FIERCE of late has so far only extended to some polyrhythmic dabblings and sunny melodies, but our friends over at Cloud Control are taking that shit to the next level, you guys: this grinding, bass-heavy slice is all hypnotic and dark while still being kinda joyous? How is that possible, right? Well, it's like this: ultra-meaty dub grooves meets rich, multi-layered vocal harmonies for sexy dancing and a truly, truly badass organ solo (NO DOUBLE ENTENDRE INTENDED!). Easy! This is the second single from Cloud Control's debut album (the first single was last year's Death Cloud, which was killer) and so far they've proved they can do singalong indie pop and African-tinged indie pop, WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE VAMPIRE WEEKEND EITHER TIME, which reeks of witchcraft, but whatta ya gonna do, eh?

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