Monday, October 05, 2009


Dead Gaze - Stay, Don't Say

Dead Gaze - You'll Carry On Real Nice

R. Cole Furlow splits time between distorted pop/punk, liquidy ambience and chill/quiet pop, all steeped in teen American lyfe and channelling Teen Spirit on "You'll Carry On Real Nice". It's a real mixed bag though (of genre/style, that is), which is a pretty refreshing aspect to vaguely lo-fi numbers steeped in a big variety of way way classic underground groups, kind of weird really when you hear these easily-relatable memories of bigger "weird" bands that you listened to when first getting into other music that wasn't The Smashing Pumpkins or whatever. They get all convoluted in Dead Gaze's stuff which I like. Really into the warbly emotion of "Stay, Don't Say", haven't heard any nice sensitive songs like it in a while.

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