Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Lousy name, sure, but these Melbourne bros know a thing or two about how to construct and execute a perfectly shambolic pop song. It's not just about looseness, see, although there's a lot that's loose about I Know You're Real - the group vocals, the drumming, the acoustic guitar licks - it's the way it's all held down. In this scenario, there's the flawlessly clean piano chiming away in the background and that limber bassline, propelling the song forward. What this really is is a drinking song, and not just because it sounds like it was sung by a barful of drunks: it's melancholic but catchy with a melody that's easy to pick up and easier to sing and a chorus that could easily turn bitter and self-righteous in the right hands. Love Connection's MySpace has a bunch of quotes about how they're "synth-pop perfection" and they sound like Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, which couldn't be further from this song's Flying Nun/antifolk vibe.

[Love Connection MySpace]

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