Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Bobb Bruno - Dreamt On

Bobb Bruno - Fairy Tale Ending

Revisiting some favs this week (what with Metal Rouge and all; will put up a post of their new mammoth NNF release ASAP) and I can't believe it as LA's Bobb Bruno follows up his melted plastic spires from that Clown's Castle tape with this thoroughly peaced out keyboard ruminations, ephemeral as. Total glass pyramids, full of light, and if that last release was totally subterranean this is shot way up into the skyscrapers. "Fairy Tale Ending" is perhaps uncharacterisically twangy but slips way back down half way into co-codomol drippage cf. "Snail's Pace", stretched out textures wavering along. Nice solo refracted angle to his work with Best Coast, with something simplistic and linear amidst the cosmic fog.

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