Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Possible genius Melbourne producer (and raconteur, blogger extraordinaire & total dreamboat) Tim Shiel has decided to GRACE US with the first single from his ridiculously anticipated PANT PANT new album Noiseworks. About fucking time, Shiel! It's fairly common knowledge that we've got a major chub for Faux Pas here at Rose Quartz so every new track that leaks out is an event for us, not just because we get to see what our talented bro has (over)achieved this time but we get to try out a bunch of new superlatives as well. Here we go: rich, lush melodies are kind of a Faux Pas hallmark but Silver Line mirrors the Flaming Lips' recent transition to a more muscular kind of pop glory. It floats and shimmers and throbs, surging forward and dissolving and surging again, all wondrous and cosmic but with a vibe that's ever so slightly unnerving. It's like some space-the-final-frontier shit, the knowledge of what lies beyond the airlock door because it's twinkly and beautiful but inhospitable, y'know? Anyway, you can download this song for free but you should really buy the the single: it's cheap as chips (AU$5!) and it goes to an excellent cause, i.e. keeping Tim Shiel in synthesisers.

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Selomé said...

Wow, I used both the words "genius" and "dreamboat" in my post about this as well, what are the odds?

Nick Lynagh said...

Its amazing... truly amazing. I love every second of this track.