Sunday, December 27, 2009


Gary War - See Right Thru

Gary War - Costumes

I never got around to posting jams from Gary War's excellent new Horribles Parade LP mostly because of it's total labyrinthianess; this shit is dense and totally right on in its blurring of noise and pop to all new extremes. So many hidden melodies underneath those fucked 80s/90s drum machines and liquid synths, haunt haunt haunt, a blur of our teenage Joy Division half memories and TV dreams, wailing in hypercolour and mud w/ major pop skills under the dementia.

ANYWAY: Gary War (the four-piece band) are about to jump on a tour of the United Kingdom in the new year and I am VERY "PSYCHED"; playing at Newcastle's premier volunteer run venue Star & Shadow with some wacked out film trips playing in the cinema room.


[Facebook Event (Newcastle Upon Tyne)]


Pierre said...

I find this borderline unlistenable but completely hilarious. It's what you might call a "hot mess".

richard said...

totally, hot mess is right on. i think reading the review of horrible's parade in the wire made me enjoy it in different way too

Ming Ming Dance Company said...

Gary War is fucking great. Anything on shdwply is worth a gander

Anonymous said...

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richard said...

hahhaha good spam!???

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