Saturday, January 02, 2010


New Yoga - Lizard Vision

CH-Rom - Teenage Cop

Luke Perry - Sky Unit Infiltration Sim

Geist - Car Heaven(*)

HEY welcome to 2010! Nice to be back on the blogging, especially when there's so much amazing stuff that's dropped in the last week or so, and lots of gems piling up in my inbox. Prettay overwhelming knowing where to start but decided I had to first write about all the amazing stuff I've been jamming to over the holiday period from the PEACE AGE blog "SKYMALL". Matt Weiner from Twins/Best Hits described PEACE AGE to me as an 'imaginary free record label' between buds and loved RQ alum like New Yoga, dANA and Luke Perry. United by peaced-out future visions, forgotten weirdness, spiritual physicality and Melrose Place as a grand narrative, this stuff is the absolute best and way fun in its alien weirdness. Want to kick it in an age where "Lizard Vision" plays while motorcycling to school and struttin through the locker room or where Prince is reborn as "Teenage Cop". Seems appropriate to kick off a new decade with this stuff, too.


Skate up to the SKYMALL for whole album downloads of all the tracks above YIKESS~!!

[New Yoga Myspace]

[Luke Perry Myspace]

[Geist Myspace]


Anonymous said...

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AL said...

the above comment was posted exactly the same on my blog! what a joker!

Dig your blog by the way x

Louisa said...

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