Sunday, January 03, 2010


Kitchen's Floor - Lander

Kitchen's Floor - Dishes

Stoked to finally be hearing this full length from a band who I think started being a band/being awesome just as I was leaving Brisbane a couple of years back. The heavier gunk in these chords really reminds me of the distinct grungyness of the place and the bands that reveled in the best contexts ie. underneath old Queenslander houses w/ summer winds between slats, kind of feeling mirrored by the dirty mattress/deadhead motifs in their clunk, born out of sports lyff and humidity, now with a heedy touch of Flying Nun-type grunge in their multiskilled no-wave, sometimes with a little downer folk in there too and other weird textures that align with other current Brisbane gr8s like Blank Realm. Looks like this came out back in August so not "overly bloggable" all the way in January 2010 BUT HEY.

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