Tuesday, February 02, 2010


U.S. Girls - Red Ford Radio

U.S. Girls - I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own

Go Grey is about as right-on an album title you'd get for Philadelphia's finest burnt-out Diva/cheerleader channeler Megan Remy. This new one (on Siltbreeze, of course) is as gritty as usual but lets actually beautiful vocal harmonies come out gradually to a way higher degree than previously which feel gob-smacking enough in their contrast to the rest of the harsh tape textures in the song itself let alone those in the one that follows it. Kind of feel that people on the Internet talk down stuff like this a bit because of hiding the lyrics/real sentiments under fuzz but when it taps into such a deft cultural vision and feels progressive in its musical reappropriations it really makes sense, you can hear half song and half trashed prom night horrors viz. noise and pop mixed to Gary War-like degrees so get lost in the borrowed B&W nostalgias.

ALSO: UK/Europe tour in February (DATES):

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