Saturday, March 13, 2010


Pill Wonder - What We Know

Pill Wonder - Being Bored

I saw this getting some semi-dissage on the internet somewhere but whaaat! It's true there are a lot of songs/bands on the internet/in the world making (as Vice or someone put it yesterday) clutteredly colourful "lo-fi" pop with a tropical edge but as far as super dense rhythmic pop tropics go this Pill Wonder Jungle/Surf EP is incessantly good, vibing on similar animal landscapes as The Ruby Sun's excellent new Fight Slowly which is so awesomely full of "things" that never quite get in the way. And when those actual jungle/safari sounds lay back behind the bubbly and percussive pop and vaguely controlled zanyness it makes this weirdly lush and heavily listenable songform, clear amongst the tropics.

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