Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Pocahaunted - Make It Real

Progressing forwards from the more esoteric tropes that have lately been prone to all types of internet forum criticism, Pocahaunted w/ a new album, new bigger writhing funk lineup and new euro experience have really tapped into something live; in eschewing those more avant-style drone ideals in favour of the so-bad-it's-good pop culture that they (and we ) are such fans of responding too ie Patrick Swayze (RIP), LA Lakers/Kobe Bryant, New Age crystals, voodoo, twinkiez. That community mural-style album art is about as reflective a cover as yr likely to get cos in Make It Real the dubby and block party-style shuffles; total fun jammers that sound like highs from Kirsty Alley's crazy weight loss pills, probably, and this is is a good thing, proverbially making it (really) real?

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Anonymous said...

yea but they're still called 'pocahaunted'...

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