Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Mix: SUN ARAW

Sun Araw - Meteor Hits 2013 (118mb)

On the heels of the ultra congo/city smoke of On Patrol comes this nice long mix that Cameron "Sun Araw" Stallones made us, full of all types of CLASSIC HITS/obscure rusty jams w/ some real nice delirious DJ effects thrown in too, blurring crackly soul up into traditional African song recordings. True story: I had two dreams about Cameron Stallones last week and I think that's probably weird? In the first he was telling me that it's pronounced KOMM-bucha and not KUM-bucha (but it was hard to say which was which, "it's always something that isn't yr something") and in the second my computer version of On Patrol wasn't as badly ripped as it is (ie the balance is all off cos it was ripped from vinyl wrong) and it sounded soooo good and full. Love dreams w/ music!

Blurb from Cameron himself:

"When you reach up, they'll be there. When you reach out, we'll be here: dead serious. It starts in the heat of the day, sweat it out, serious delirium leads to clarity and unity. Use it: get up, it's a third world ringing and you're there/here, get on the hunt. By dusk Gibbons' are loopin' all six strings around your wrists and ankles. Manuel clears the murk, and in heart of the night DL himself whispers sweet-nothings, which are by nature sweet-everythings: it's all yours. "

If anyone fancies a tracklist let me know (via comments) otherwise let's keep it MYSTERIOUS! Also check this other mix he made for Wire (rad new issue btw w/ Excepter on the front) last week.

[Sun Araw MySpace]

[Buy On Patrol from Not Not Fun]


Anonymous said...

Sticking it on after this album, but deffinitly in need of track names please!


richard said...

actually the tracklist isn't so secret, it's in the zip file!

md said...


Adam said...

Is it supposed to say Kakkle?