Thursday, April 29, 2010


Les Cox (sportifs) - Reduction Strategies

Out of the po-faced scene and the bits of England that aren't quite Scotland (where bands tend to bend rules and generally "vibe" more) these guys shove wonky jangles ala The Rebel or Country Teasers into purer pop hooks, getting frisky with drum machines while rooting for those weird guys and dwelling on a superbly English sense of Englishness that I've been getting more and more pre-occupied with especially pre-election where the politics are solely personality based and the personalities are dull as fkn dishwater, not in a bad way really though, I mean with a heedy sense of self it's pretty humorous and conducive to "good times", the sort that these guys are about, or maybe just good tunes.

Tour dates:
29th May - Mitchells in Glasgow w/ Jacob Yates and The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers + Golden Grrrls
30th May - Cross King's in London w/ Please, The Rebel + Mithras
2nd June - The Halle in Berlin DE
4th - Stereo in York
5th - Star And Shadow Cinema, Newcastle (end of tour party and album launch)

[Les Cox (sportifs) MySpace]

[Buy Scheiß Mit Reis from Sea Records (in June)]

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