Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sun Hotel was the recipient of some blawg love a little while ago thanks in part to their killer Team Spirit EP. It reeked of oak, worn leather and was full of tunes that spark the warm fuzzies you kinda feel while admiring the prettiest of sunsets through a dirty window. Fast forward a few months and the boys are just about ready to release their debut full length. That rustic swagger is still definitely apparent but with a new sense of urgency and focus. In particular, I'm loving the loud/soft dynamics these guys have seemingly perfected within the space of a few releases. Rising and crashing, making out with your heart then breaking it, these jams ride that fine line of tattered, delicate heartache and virtuous, distorted glory. Raise yr bottles.

[Sun Hotel MySpace]

[Coast will be released in September and with your help will also be available on vinyl. Support these bros and while you're at it, peep the classix.]

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The audio was simply superb! Hope you could have added a downloadable option! Anyways have bookmarked..

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