Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Seems like there's a real trend at the moment for the kind of "hard pop" that strikes a balance between angular post-punk revival (which feels good in the short term but is ultimately no fun) and exuberant garage melodix (too much fun?? Comparison: eating chocolate for breakfast.). The combination is pretty hard not to love, especially when it's executed with this much rugged charm & vitality. These bros from Perth have thus far only released one cassette tape but they've got a record out later this year on the unstoppable R.I.P. Society (Royal Headache, Kitchen's Floor, Circle Pit), plus Australians can watch them playing live with that total babe patrol Super Wild Horses.

[Golden Staph blog]


cantino said...

really fucking good!! right on.

Alex Gonz said...

This sounds a little like Mika Miko. Isn't this more like Noise Punk (:

Reel Muzak said...

ttl sik kntz aye.

If anyone is interested theres a metric ton of Golden Staph recordings here:


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