Friday, July 02, 2010

Guest Mix: TWINS

Twins - Driving Simulation Mix (Megaupload) (67mb)

Just chilling in rural Poland (Puszczykowo to be exact) and "psyched" to listen to this on a subsequent highway cruise to elsewhere in Eastern Europe, probably not full of the American freeway feelings and "diners" and so on that probably litter the sides of the journeys in the midst of this selection. Matt Weiner makes pop on the periphery of the hypnogogic as both Twins and Best Hits, both schlopped with distinct day-glo paint jobs and both full of this weird reotractive energy plus a tacky frivoloty associated only with the PEACE AGE. This is what Matt says about the mix:

"The songs found on this mix are some personal faves that I've used to get me through many of the grueling drives from Atlanta to Brooklyn and back. I won't make any promises as to their effect on you (the listener) and I didn't go out of my way to pull out the most obscure names (although several of the cuts on here are more likely to fall in the less well known side of the highlighted artists' respective catalogs). I did go out of my way to make sure these songs are awesome both by themselves and when mixed together. Even if you don't have a long road trip to embark on this summer, putting this on and closing yr eyes should pretty well simulate cruisin down an open freeway on a sunny summer's day through the polluted shores of the American east."

01. The Units - Warm Moving Bodies
02. Geneva Jacuzzi - Group Dynamic
03. Kraftwerk - Antenna
04. Cabaret Voltaire - Talking Time
05. Greg Hawkes - Ants In Your Pants
06. Prince - Do Yourself A Favor
07. Ric Ocasek - Connect Up To Me
08. Neu! - La Bomba (Stop Apartijd World)
09. CAN - Blue Bag
10. Arch M - Mountain Tan
11. Bird Names - Defined Stijls

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