Friday, September 10, 2010


Chelsea Wolfe / White Horse - Moses (Dub Mix)

Here's some amazingly nuanced middle-of-the-night music from LA's White Horse. Really feeling the all-black mood of their "Final Coordinates" record and in particular the shadowy contours at play on "Modern Heroes of Victimhood". Acoustics plucked with a hint of taut agitation rounded out with understated vocals and a muted bass rhythm which add to a tense but restrained atmosphere hinting at something...something out there lurking.

Oh, and Ben from White Horse also happens to play with Chelsea Wolfe, so if y'all still got the sublime "Moses" on yr brain, their brilliant dub mix adds some unforeseen head-boppiness to the darkened vibes.

[White Horse Bandcamp]

[Final Coordinates available for free download here]

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Glow of the Cube said...

just the gloom I need to dance to.