Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just got our hands on the amazing debut EP from RQ favourites Hammocks and Honey: their track Undone pretty much killed us earlier this year with its noirish Julee Cruise vibe, and that's the order of the day on Spellbinder. Delicate, dreamy melodies piled high with hazy layers are pushed along by an almost inaudible propulsion (the songs move, but the beats are barely there), particularly on Sleeping Carriage. Elsewhere, there are flourishes of twee pop and folk, but the record never feels quite of this world.

If you're in Melbourne you can watch Hammocks and Honey do it live, along with Oblako Lodka, the Frightening Lights and more at the Special Award Records showcase on September 30; check the Special Award site for full details.

[Hammocks and Honey MySpace]

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chdix said...

hey bro, can't find the EP... know where or when its out?