Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Following on from frontman Geoffrey O'Connor's debut solo track Now and Then, this cover of the classic Roxette jam - available on the band's US tour EP Make Peace With Love - is wistful and dreamy and, appropriately for the subject matter, burdened with regret almost to the point of inertia. Don't wanna "diss" the original: it really is a classic, particularly if you enjoy karaoke; but the slow tempo of this cover seems more fitting  when you consider the ennui-laden, chin-scratchy, frankly unmotivated lyrics. "It must have been love / but it's over now." Listless and melancholic is how this track was meant to sound.

U.S. FRIENDS: Crayon Fields are hitting your towns soon; find the dates (and a free download of this EP!) on their Bandcamp.

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