Monday, October 25, 2010


Hotel Mexico - Animals Strike Back

(Co-Premiere w/ Altered Zones): I first heard this just after arriving in NYC last week when it was raining and the subway was on fire (what!) and I was real hungry so went to Shake Shack (AMAZING) and ate a deep-fried mushroom burger w/ peanut butter shake way too fast and then went back home to this new purple-gaze hit from Japan's Hotel Mexico; it was pretty comforting with those weirded out Cure-y 80s guitars and yes definite dreamer fuzz which for some reason always reminds me of being indoors. It's pretty woozy as well (even if it shreds a little less than previous jammers) which probably helps this post-CMJ state as well; feelin' pretty showed out rite now eh!

[Hotel Mexico MySpace / Blog]

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Mark said...

Been lovin' on this band. Great track!