Sunday, October 24, 2010


MP3: Waskerley Way - Holly
MP3: Waskerley Way - Nocturne #1

Was obviously stoked to have Newcastle upon Tyne's own bedroom sensation Waskerley Way as a last minute addition to the Grass Widow + Trash Kit show a couple of weeks back; he played a certainly successful debut live show (no nerves!) but mostly it was interesting chatting about how low key and off the cuff/explorative those Cat Music songs were and how weird it then was to know tonnes of peope had heard them via Gorilla Vs Bear then Altered Zones and then Hipster Runoff (LOL). Great to get some increasingly good new ones that really mope through the dreamy electronic pop in a real British way that sounds a lot like the suburban parks near where his (and my old) house is in Heaton, tapping into a muffled kinda nocturnal vibe that fits in real nice with the Autumn coming in.


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