Friday, October 15, 2010


Zak Mering and Tyler Thacker have lost their shit on this mad 90s party jamming bidness and this one is only really describable as completely OFF THE CHAIN, especially for me and Shea who are both being "UPTOWN GIRLS" of our own kind in our new RQ office in the upper east side. This works out pretty well for us and Friendship Bracelet how incessant and danceable this shit is too cos he's playing our unofficial CMJ showcase on October 19 at Bruar Falls. This one's a web only release but stay tuned for more wildness! BTW this video is made by one of our favs Nathalie Rodgers.

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Samuel said...

Were you guys at Webster Hall tonight? I saw a tweet...

RICHARD said...

got there real late though oops!! pretty good, were you there? we were on the balcony at the right