Saturday, October 16, 2010


Family Portrait - Glide Pt. 1 (demo)

(via Microphone Memory Emotion): Diving back into Family Portrait's ultra Ridgewoodian pop to psych/ready ourselves for a potential RQ New Jersey day trip that will either crumble or further extenuate the mythos we've veiled the place and all it's cosy guitar work in. This tight new one's (a demo version of a jam that will feature on their upcoming full length) got this dusky backyard swagger crossed with a definite classic rock in autumn vibe, splitting the feelings beautifully and typically between a Wonder Years warmness and a similarly but more personal and wonky and real "important"-sounding tenderness. Psyched to hear it and other new jams at the MME x RQ unofficial CMJ showcase on Friday 22 at Shea Stadium.

[Family Portrait MySpace / Tumblr]

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