Tuesday, November 02, 2010


MP3: Kohwi - Every Morning

(via Life: Aquatic): Totally FEELING this brilliant cover of Sugar Ray's 90s "classic" from Ann Arbor producer Kohwi. It's the opening track from a mix of '90s covers assembled for Head Underwater by Krista and the Whale and which includes some safe choices (Pavement) and some obscure ones (Tina Cousins), but it's the audacity of repositioning this perfect storm of jock-rock as a woozy, floaty h-pop jammer that sets this cover apart. Without hearing it, it's tough to imagine how this particular song could ever be anything but obnoxiously smug, but this cover's so brilliantly done it's almost... sweet?



Sean Orr said...

ha ha brilliant!

Anonymous said...

great i can't wait to hear some mum idm style remix of a pavement track now
or maybe a postal service cover of some red hot chili peppers