Monday, November 01, 2010

Guest Mix: C POWERS

MP3: C Powers - Rose Quartz Mix (94mb)

London (via Atlanta) producer and all around playboy C Powers aka Chris Powers skirts the periphery of a few things; small bites and longer mixes of Dilla-style hip-hop, wonky and floaty dub ala Becoming Real or Young Montana, glitchy eletronica and pop as vibed by Atlanta bros like CH-Rom or heRobust. Kinda crazy how live it all comes off and how much he seems to churn out from a place like London which I think is part of the inspiration behind this mix of warped hip-hop and slowed R&B; this is all about slowing things down or "reeling it back in" which is an idea I can totally get into (down time is important and shit) after some recent times of prolonged busy-ness.

1 Silence
2 Jamie Principle - Your Love (Drone)
3 Prince - Sign of the times
4 8 Ball and MJG - Candy
5 Do or Die - Smoke and Ride
6 Mane Mane - Mom Moment / E Dub - Its Terrific (Acapella)
7 Lay Bac - Stay Out Tonight
8 Lil Boosie - I Remember
9 LE$ ft Party Boys - Sweets
10 Howard Johnson - So Glad Your My Lady
11 heRobust - Boss Frog
12 Time Wharp - 1992
13 Bathcrones - Vineyard of the Sea
14 How To Dress Well - Decisions

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Tom said...

Bathcrones + HTDW dude knows whats up

Dana said...

Feeling much more relaxed on this crazy day over here at hearty magazine (t: @heartymagazine) after reeling it in with this mix. Thanks for the great tunes

Anonymous said...

yea this dude c powers he is ALWAYS throwing up at parties, like all over whoever he's chillin with, but i actually REALLY like this mix. this shit is so good.

Anonymous said...

yea ANON1 I'm one of the dudes he's puked on!!!

RICHARD said...

LOL omg. he was pretty vomit free at the show we did in newcastle!