Thursday, November 11, 2010


MP3: Chuck Persons - Lightning Strikes

Dream compilation! Or dream entire package; a book, tape, DVD and CD. The Report is very much for me a survey of "the way things are" ie. the most progressive sounds and frequently the most responsive to current musical and wider cultural trends (and shit). This second addition proves it further with a range of styles and approaches w/ Sacred Harp, Ducktails, Megazord, Dolphins Into The Future, Laurel Halo, Dent May and others including the perennially innovative Dan Lopatin who this time guises as Chuck Persons and messes with Fleetwood Mac's already coked-out "Gypsy", expertly pitch-shifting it to a late, late night drifter. It's There's not long left to get yr order in on the Kickstarter page!

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that's coool