Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I met buttloads of people from "the internet" at one of the weirdest/most way out venues I've ever been to this past Saturday in Los Angeles. One of these includes Brian Vu of Rebel Magazine who I was sitting next to as he filmed Nick Ray aka Speculator playing live through his own Aiwa stereo system on top of this big marble table, one of many inside Bacchus, a venue that could only be an ex-brothel; real tacky opulence all through about 10 different rooms, all marble tables, paintings of Romans and mythology, fake stone reliefs across the walls and weirdly ornate fittings everywhere but souped up for the DIY sounds w/ tinfoil on the walls and Berlin-y kind of ceiling sculptures and shit. Melted Toys, Blackbird Blackbird, Woodsman and Mickey Mickey Rourke also played in various zones of this super strange Midtown place. Anyway, this track is lifted from Speculator's new Lifestyle cassette which is available on Leaving Records.

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