Thursday, December 02, 2010


Not gonna intro Monopoly Child too much cos we've posted a whole bunch about lately as it's safe to say we're all JONESING for our copies of Bamboo For Two not to mention a visit to the temple/aquarium soon to be be built here in Christchurch. It's hard to say whether this guest list'll prove much insight into those hypnotic bamboo clad jungle jams but I'd venture to say it does (at least heavily tangentially); the Hawaiian-shirted/moustached jive of Ricchi e Poveri, Todd Rundgrens pure hyper reality or Huey Lewis' slightly disconcertinly straight up pop joy. Actually I dunno, but welcome to the Charles Berlitz Singles Club. These are some of his (being Charles Berlitz aka Spencer Clark aka Monopoly Child) favorites to "drop" at Club Tan in Portland.

Huey Lewis - Heart and Soul

Harold Faltermeyer - Exotic Skates

Todd Rundgren - Bang the Drum All Day

Sam Kinison - World Hunger

The Payolas - Eyes of a Stranger

Miko Mission - Striptease

Ricchi e Poveri - Acapulco

FM - Just Like You

Christopher Cross - All Right

Umberto Tozzi - Super Lady

Tri Atma - Yummy Moon

Ministry - Work for Love

"Gimme Gimme Gimmer Some Lovin" by The Teens
"Alien" by Tanya Tucker
"I Believe in Magic" by Ike Stubblefield
"Still Life with Luger" by Noel and the Red Wedge
"Turn Out the Light" by Lonzo
"Chain Lightning" by David Heckscher


david said...

Nice to see "Chain Lighning" getting some action ! If you would like some more material, email me and I will forward you some.
With much Appreciation,

David Heckscher

David Heckscher said...


David Heckscher said...

Fixed email.......LOL