Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sydney's an OK place to live! There's the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and those are pretty great. The thing is, Sydney can sometimes feel like a gross, soulless tourist town where every band plays electro-rock and wears $600 jeans and works in advertising (which is a valid lifestyle choice! Totally). That's why R.I.P. Society's recent rise to glory is great for the usual reasons that a great record label is great (this year they released records from Royal Headache, Boomgates and Circle Pit and virtually every other Australian punk band worth listening to), but it's also heartening, because it feels like the kind of defining cultural force that hits a city maybe once a decade or something.

Anyway, we asked label founder Nic Warnock to send us his top 10 punk jams of the year. Here they are:

10. A-Frames – Visitor
333 out through SS Records // myspace

This song is a bunch of simple observations about a visit to a museum. More songs should be about stuff like this cause I really can’t relate to all these kooks in face paint.

9. Burzum - Glemselens Elv
Belus out through Byelobog Productions // myspace

You should’ve bought Belus instead of the latest Swans record.

8. Teargas - The Mirror Stares Also
Teargas 7" out through Hardcore Victim // myspace

Anyone that thinks that hardcore punk has run its path or is somehow less valid than other styles of music can go back to their "drag", “witch house” and revvverb drenched “summertime pop”.

7. Insurgents - Vermin’s Taint
listen // Insurgents out through Endless Blockades

See above.

6. Homostupids - Swearing Sammy
Night Deacon EP out through Fashionable Idiots // myspace

Every time I ride the bus / The bus driver lets me drive the bus / Cus I suck his cock / Yeah I suck his cock.

5. Naked On The Vague - Treading Water
Heaps Of Nothing out through Siltbreeze // myspace

You should’ve bought Heaps Of Nothing instead of the latest Swans record.

4. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Tuning Out
Rush To Relax out through Shock/Goner // myspace

Normal people reclaim rock n roll from the clutches of otherworldly artists and brooding junkie poets.

3. Bloodclot Faggots - This Is Living
watch // S/T 7" out soon through No Patience //

For fans of Germs, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Beatles.

2. Homostupids - Wearing Sammy
Night Deacon EP out through Fashionable Idiots // myspace

*See lyrics to Swearing Sammy.

1. UV Race - Garbage In My Heart
I Hate You 7" out through Fashionable Idiots // myspace

In 2085 a child in Rooty Hill Primary School is asked to do an assignment on the year 2010, s/he hands in a diorama of an iPhone, Twitter, jeggings, a tombstone reading “R.I.P Society”, cyber bullying and a sun wearing sunglasses accompanied by the text: “Broken promises and foiled dreams, you told me everything’s as it seems, but now I’m looking and it makes me sick, a bloody tampon that I’m gonna lick”.


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that homostupids track is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

INSURGENTS 7" out through Pederast Prophet and Distort records NOT Endless Blockades

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